Rent A Maid was incorporated in 2012, with main objective to reduce the burden of housekeeping for individuals.  The reason of our incorporation was the lack of trust people had in individuals which they wanted to employ as maids and also the difficulty they had in finding them.  We strived over the past five years to offer a premium value-based service to our most esteemed customers.
We have focused on key areas in Mauritius, and not expanded much, mainly to the scarcity of trustworthy employees.  As we have a pool of employees in the central region of Mauritius, we want to serve this part with a 99% satisfaction rate.  We are today serving both the residential and corporate sector.
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Manish is the man behind Rent A Maid.  As a young entrepreneur, he has always facinated the world by his innovative thoughts and ideas.  He founded Rent A Maid in 2012.

Holder of a Honorary Bachelor in Business Management, He is currently the Co-Founder & Chairman of two different companies.  He is also the Chairman of the Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Agency.  Manish is an example for youngsters who wish to take their lives to greater heights if empowered.

Manish has always been fascinated by worldwide role models, he has been regularly attending seminars by key-note speakers like Robin Sharma, Shiv Khera, Kevin Gaskell among others.